From the Desk of Paul Gordon, MD From the Desk of Paul Gordon, MD From the Desk of Paul Gordon, MD


emg staff Little advance preparation is needed for most tests.

Before arriving for testing patients should:

  1. Have your referring physician’s office call to schedule. We are not permitted to accept direct patient referrals. Once ordered call if necessary to change the date or time as openings permit.

  2. Bring a referral slip or information slip from the referring physician if provided.

  3. Clarify insurance issues and preapproval before the testing day

  4. Wear loose fitting clothing that can be easily removed if necessary.

  5. Refrain from using heavy lotion on limbs on the day of testing.

  6. Ask the referring physician about sedation needs for small children.

  7. Myasthenia gravis patients should inquire about medications on the day of testing.

  8. Fasting is NOT necessary prior to testing.

After arriving for testing patients should inform the staff:

  • If you take blood thinners (aspirin, warfarin, or Coumadin ®)
  • If you have a pacemaker or implanted defibrillator

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