From the Desk of Paul Gordon, MD From the Desk of Paul Gordon, MD From the Desk of Paul Gordon, MD


  • Repetitive nerve stimulation

  • Short segment (“inching”) studies across compression sites

  • Blink reflex; facial and other cranial nerve testing

  • Hemifacial spasm and synkinesis studies

  • Single fiber EMG

  • Conduction block assessment and proximal stimulation studies

  • Quantitative EMG

  • Quantitative sensory testing (QST)

  • Autonomic nervous system testing

  • Transcortical magnetic stimulation

  • Motor unit estimation (MUNE)

  • Advanced recruitment analysis

  • Nerve hyperexcitability protocol

  • Periodic paralysis protocol

  • Direct muscle fiber stimulation

  • Skin biopsy for Intraepidermal nerve fiber density

  • Special protocols for specific conditions

    • Myotonia congenita, cramp-fasciculation syndrome, others

  • Advanced EMG of uncommonly tested muscles:

    • Sphincter muscles

    • Diaphragm

  • Advanced nerve conduction studies of uncommonly tested nerves:

    • Phrenic nerve

    • Medial antebrachial nerve

    • Plantar nerves